To Love Allah is to let Dunya go

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim,

This is a tough one, its one of those things that is easier to say then do. Can we, ourselves accept to let go of dunya. I know some people will probably think I must be crazy or even extreme, so they will say “we must take the moderate path”. But what is the moderate path? If we look at the Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasalam life, that was moderate. Yet we still choose to be blinded by using excuses such as time has changed. Time has not changed, its been the same, but for the truth to be known, we as Muslims have changed. We deserve to be punished, want to know why, our Love for Allah has gone and be replaced by our ugly nafs and the dunya.

We lie to ourselves that we love Allah so much, but in reality when was the last intention we made for Allah. When did we out of love for Allah did we do extra nafl ibaadah. We are so absorbed into dunya, some of us even have forgotten Allah, astaghfir’Allah.

We must take this truth in, it is of our dunya’s love that has caused distress in our own life and as a Ummah. Are we ever happy and content? Why? what is the root cause? Money? Status? the list goes on, we will never be happy with what we have, we will always seek more in the dunya.

But let me tell you, once you abandon dunya, and seek Allah. Amazing things happen to you, the more you love the more happy you are even if you have 10p in your bank. Allah showers His love to you in many ways, His love is greater than our love will ever be, you will be amazed at the love of Allah that even dunya will run after you, but you will dismiss her and continue to be immersed in Allah’s love.

This love is not easy, its far more precious than a diamond. There are many sacrifices that we have to do and many afflictions we have to go through. Why? Allah wants to see if our love is pure and true. So, firstly love Allah, and remind yourself of all of Allah’s bounties and compare that with your love towards Him. I tell you it will never be enough to love, as His love is infinite and our love is finite. Don’t give up, carry on giving love.

To show love and increase it, is through the direct ibaadah, which is Salaah. if you are not used to praying, then start with the pure intention “am doing this for Allah”, yes it will be hard. But isn’t it hard work to extract a diamond or raise money for it.

Let me tell you, Shaytaan will hate you for that. Shaytaan will be persistent to misguide you. How you defeat him, is through Zikr and recitation of the Quran daily. Shaytaan will hate you even more, you will officially become shaytans enemy.

If you love money, then every time you get money placed into your hands, give at least £1 to charity. Start putting people first especially our parents, children and siblings. Show the love by buying them gifts, cooking for them, cleaning, etc. Another way to show love to Allah is speaking good all the time in front of people and all people, even the ones who call you to sin. Do not worry if they call you holy or even extreme, it is an excellent sign to have because you are completing the sunnah and seeking Allah’s pleasure. Everything you do, even sitting and breathing, grant thanks to Allah all the time.

There are many ways that our Nabi sallalahu alayhi wasalam has shown and which has been implemented by our pious predecessors. All we have to do is act upon it and continue to act upon it till death over comes us. Look for the Ulama who always seeks Allah’s love and not the creation. They complete every sunnah even the small sunnah and condemn the sins. They are the purest and genuine people out there. Keep loving Allah and I myself can promise this to you. Allah will surely love you back.

Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned:

Without possessing excessive love for Allah Ta’ala and for deen,despite how simple a command may be, one will experience difficulty in fulfilling it. On the other hand, if the ingredient of love is found within one’s life, despite how difficult the command is, it will be completely easy for one to fulfil it. Making any amount of sacrifices for deen will be simple. Sacrificing one’s life for the sake of Allah Ta’ala will even become easy. Generally this excessive love is obtained in the company of the lovers of Allah Ta’ala.There is no limit to the amount a person can acquire in the company of the friends of Allah Ta’ala. (Malfoozaat Hakeemul Ummat 6/147)


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