The real pleasure of this life lies under the obedience of your Lord

Pretty easy to commit oneself but the task is hard to complete due to our Nafs and the whispers of shaytaan. Why do we do this to ourselves, go through pain because we chose to disobey. It’s because our taqwa and tawakkul is weak! Our relationship with Allah is weak, why? We expect Allah to be there for us but when things our going our way, we forget about Allah. As a person who is growing in love with Allah, I agree with this, every sin you commit does not affect Allah, but in return affects you! How? You will feel displeased with yourself, being negative, lack of peace. That’s why the true formula in finding the true happiness in life, is pleasing Allah, who owns the Heavens and the Earth and everything else! So, why run after dunya when you can run after the Creator of dunya. Ponder and reflect, ignite those flames that once burned for your Lord!


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