The most precious treasure that we possess is Imaan. But it should be understood that this most precious treasure is extremely delicate and can be quickly eradicated by thoughtless acts and attitudes. Among such dangerous acts and attitudes which efface this most precious treasure is Istikhfaaf. Istikhfaaf makes light of any tenet, teaching and belief of Islam regardless of the Fiqhi classification. If even a Mustahab act or an act which is of a lesser degree than Mustahab, is dismissed with the attitude of Istikhfaaf, it will be kufr such kufr which effaces Imaan. Hence, the Fuqaha have ruled: Nowadays so much Istikhfaaf is committed with the teachings of the Deen, which leaves no doubt in the effacement of Imaan. Mockery with Hijaab, the beard, Islamic dress, etiquettes of eating, etc., etc. is a clear attitude of Istikhfaaf which eliminates Imaan. When viewing the alarming and widespread attitude of Istikhfaaf This dangerous disease of Istikhfaaf is so endemic nowadays that we find numerous molvis and sheikhs also committing this fatal sin. When a Muslim perpetrates Istikhfaaf with any order or institution of the Shariah, he implies preference for the system of the kuffaar. The disdain which he feels for the Islamic institution constrains him to elevate the kuffaar system and to propagate its superiority and necessity. It is on this basis that Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) and our Akaabir Ulama issued the fatwa of kufr regarding thekuffaar system of slaughtering animals. The attitude of preference for the kuffaar system and the total abandonment of the Islamic system are the effects of Istikhfaaf which in turn are the products of monetary greed. It is the lust for money which has blinded the bodies which halaalize haraam carrion meat.

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3 thoughts on “Istikhfaaf

  1. bilalsidiki says:

    I heard from a scholar that Istehkaaf is one of the Kabaair … That was enough to make it pretty important for me.

    Reading your post just made it revise in my head now. Thanks for sharing 😊

    May Allah grant you Jannah, you earned the follow due to your username tho lol 😁

    • sufiniqabi says:

      Yes, I never heard of Istikhaaf before, I had an idea of this but didn’t realise the importance of it. No problem, knowledge is vast and very important. Whatever we learn, we must share to eradicate any disillusioned ideas especially about Islam.
      Jazak’Allah khayr, Ameen. Lol, my husband suggested it, so I shall thank him for the username.

  2. bilalsidiki says:

    BarakAllah … And yes you should thank him for it 😊

    He must be a Good Believer that’s why he wanted your username be a combination of him (Sufi) and you (niqabi).

    Pray that I get married soon 😁

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