Homeschool- the safest way to educate your daughters

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

By His (azza wa jal) infinite Grace, Allah (azza wa jal) has granted much Barakah to the home-schools which we started two years ago, for both primary and secondary age girls. Since then, we have also gained much experience and skill in this field.

The aim of the home-school is to provide an alternative learning environment to girls who are, along with their parents, concerned solely for the Pleasure of Allah (azza wa jal), the  Everlasting Fate in the Aakhirah, and the safe-preservation of their Imaan and natural Hayaa – qualities which suffer hugely in the normal schooling system, and even in the Islamic schools of today.

We are planning to extend our provision for more girls in the upcoming academic year, which begins immediately after Ramadhan.

Parents who share the same concerns and aims as us are welcome to contact us before the start of Ramadhan for enrolment in our home-school, or for advice and assistance in setting up their own home-school.

The Ameer’s contact number is 07816830948. Please leave a text message if you are unable to get through. We are based in Birmingham.

We not only teach la illaha illala but also how to live la illaha illala!



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