The Spiritual Programme

A spiritual programme that everyone should adopt especially in these times which the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam predicted that majority of the “Shaykhs” would be misguided themselves and misguide others. Please click on the link below.


For sisters only

Assalamu alaykum dear sisters, since I understand that some sisters will not be able to attend due to difficulties. I have decided to hold the Naseeha session also on Skype, so that sisters can listen from the comfort of their homes and make new companionships from there. The session will focus mainly on the struggles that we have to go through in Ramadan and how we can get through it. I hope through this that we can also create a community of support, love and understanding. Those sisters who are still interested in coming to my house are most welcome. Just drop me an email and we will take it from there. Please if you can add me on skype through your phone, tablet, etc. before Friday afternoon, I can start with some introductory stuff. The details are as below:

Ramadan Naseeha Friday 6pm-8pm

Email address:

Skype Username: Naseeha4sisters


Please forward this to all the Sisters in Birmingham,UK

Assalamu alaykum sisters, as our dear Ramadan is nearing and preparations for its arrival is being made. There may be sisters who are affected by black magic or knows someone who may struggle or cope during the month of Ramadan. For some its pure happiness but for others Ramadan is a true mujahadah. We should help each other and strengthen one another’s love especially during this beautiful month, leave your difference of opinions aside and truly help.

As its a month of sha’ban, I will be holding a few advice sessions before Ramadan for sisters who are affected with this affliction. And how to benefit and still enjoy Ramadan in this state. It will be taking place in my house in birmingham, so this will really be available for local sisters. Any sisters who are interested please message me on

And sisters who you may know someone or even may not, please send this message to help, because I know the true struggles involved during Ramadan for those who are afflicted.