Breathing at Last

Assalamu alaykum (Peace be upon you),

This is my first ever blog post, ¬†and probably the first time am putting myself forward. Quite nervous isnt it, putting yourself out there. Life is such a strange journey, you don’t know where Allah subhana wa ta’ala will take you, from being homeless at the age of 5, always constantly being moved from one city to another till at the age of 8, came to the beautiful city of Birmingham, UK. At last some form of stability, nope. A tumultuous relationship with my mother, learning to have 2 personalities, one who I really was and one that made me fit in with the crowd. Finding Allah subhana wa ta’ala and the beautiful religion, Islam, at the age of 13, even though I was born as a Muslim. Thats the same age I found myself, my morals, and my perception of the world. Even self-confidence when I started wearing the veil at that age. Everyone found it strange, even my dear mum tried to coax me to take it off, but I was the stubborn one. I wore it for Allah subhana wa ta’ala and didn’t really care what people saw of me.

Moving fast to age of 19, got married (arranged) to the most beautiful, humble, knowledgeable believer. He still surprises me every day and how in the world did I manage to earn such a delicate soul. But the moment I got married, (some will laugh even mock again I couldn’t care less when I had the similar treatment from my family) I was afflicted with black magic and a serious case. 2 things that kept me alive and also kept my sanity. My merciful Lord and the one who has the key to my heart, my husband.

6 years of loneliness, judgements, accusations

, slandering, backbiting, some even suggested divorce. And with my husband I have finally left the place that reminds me of nightmares and the cruel eyes.

Insha’Allah hopefully, me, my husband and my little kitten, Tigger, can start a new adventure with happiness, getting close to Allah subhana wa ta’ala and maybe even this blog. Not really good at keeping things up but we will see how long I last.

This blog hopefully can let me grow and really transform myself who I really want to be. Along with my favourite hobbies cooking and art. Maybe this blog could help me think. We will just have to see then. Hopefully you can come along if you like and I would like to get to know the communities here.

Wa’alaykum asalam